New Dog House
New Dog House

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Our Dogs have a new home.  They let us live there too!

We've moved from Leesburg to a place in the country between Purcelville VA and Hamilton, VA.  

Five acres with no deed restrictions and agricultural zoning.

The house was (is) a fixer upper so we've had plenty to do. New kitchen, added a wall, moved a couple of walls
and  built a pantry.  We also installed new baseboards and added crown molding throughout the house.  There
was maple hardwood in the kitchen and dining room with carpet in the rest of the house.  We removed the carpet
and installed oak flooring.

I bought a tractor and implements and we've been working outside when we aren't working inside.  We've built
front and backyard fences and added a storage shed.  The back three acres was covered in vines, poison ivy,
and honeysuckle along with quite a few volunteer trees and bushes.  I've cut everything but the larger trees and
found quite a bit of abandoned stuff in the process.  

We've fenced most of the property and built a barn.  We have three horses and a bat who is living in the barn
View from the Front Porch
View from the back of the house

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